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Mission Statement: ZMI Foundation offers After School and Summer Camp Programs that provide a supportive, empowering, and educational environment for school-aged children, their parents, and caregivers. Our organization strives to deliver top quality homework assistance, in addition to educational and recreational enrichment. The programs also feature a martial arts component as one of its many core competencies. The practice of martial arts is utilized to cultivate discipline, confidence, responsibility, sportsmanship, and community service. We also challenge our children to spark their creativity through a series of program activities. Our performing arts component offers dance, drumming, engineering, piano, chess, basketball, arts and crafts, poetry, and Tae Kwon Do. Our continued commitment towards individual excellence, social-emotional development, dignity, and leadership through self-empowerment set us apart as we endeavor to be one of the most integrated programs in Queens, NY.


Our organization aims to target summer vacation and after school hours in order to provide children with a safe and educational environment during times they are most vulnerable to negative influences and misguided behavior, due to a lack of structure. ZMI Foundation is an extension of the mission of our Tae Kwon Do studio, Zen Masters, Inc. After nearly ten years of operation, we saw that there was a need in the community we serve to offer programs and services at more affordable prices, as we currently service a Title I school district—which was challenging to address as a conventional business operation. Through participating in voucher programs and generous support, ZMI Foundation strives to improve the overall net impact of our combined efforts to help serve more families and continue to positively influence the lives of young people.

Our Tae Kwon Do Approach


Tae Kwon Do is a self-defense system that utilizes intricate hand and foot techniques, and has evolved as one of the most effective methods of weapon-less self-defense. Tremendous skill and control is emphasized in this art form. 


At ZMI Foundation we focus on the development of mental and physical self-defense through the development of mental awareness, confidence, social and emotional development and perception to help the practitioner navigate through life.  The physical development aspect entails body strengthening and endurance, defending one’s self and understanding one’s physical capabilities. 


Our Martial Arts practice ultimately aims to impact self-development and personal growth.

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Our After School Program serving as a beacon of hope  in the Saint Albans Community.


Our Summer Camp that is designed to provide a safe and educational environment.

 Summer 2013


Learn more about why Tae Kwon Do is a vital part of our organization.



This video captures all that we aim to acheive through our organization's drive to serve those in our community.

 Summer 2013

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